P1F Limited is a design, development and investment firm, using development as a vehicle for change. Our focus is frontier and emerging markets, where our goal is to be leaders in development that has high impact, long-term capital growth, and transformational capacity to inspire and stimulate economic change. 


The company aims to achieve this by using real estate and infrastructure, in both development and acquisitions, to attract high quality foreign direct investment, up-skilling local employment resources, and focusing on strategic opportunities that have long-term advantages as these economies develop. The process includes working closely with government, leveraging our global network for strategic expertise and financing, forming local partnerships to unlock potential and facilitate sustainable growth, and employing our strict principles‚Äč and ethical standards towards business. 


This forms our goal to grow our global portfolio of strategic assets, become the chief financier for development in frontier and emerging markets, and make demonstrable impact that leaves the world better than we found it. 

Vision-led Development & Investment

P1F was initially founded to lead the redevelopment of Sri Lanka. This was born out of a family desire to take leadership after the 30-year civil conflict to rebuild the country, and set a new identity and vision for the future. This purpose has expanded following our time here, having learnt the wider implications and opportunities in transformational development. Our core aims with each project is to: generate revenue, create jobs, stimulate economic recovery, and inspire change. 


P1F employs a three-pronged approach to redevelopment and investment - Design, Development and Investment. This more specifically includes services in Architecture, Real Estate and Infrastructure Development, and investment. This approach ensures we have control and oversight to successfully accomplish our vision.


[Architecture; Urban Planning]

Showing what success looks like - it is easier to influence policy makers, sponsors, and communities with a tangible vision, and this is what Architecture and Urban Planning enables us to do


[Transport; Healthcare; Renewables; Commercial Real Estate]

Taking direct risk in the projects we believe in, and leading the way for other institutional investors and sponsors to get involved.


[merchant banking; issuances; private equity; private credit]

Mobilising growth, whether this is direct investing in companies, operating assets, or greenfield opportunities, or securitising opportunities needing access to global markets.