Impact Fund

P1F has been supporting critical response from the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis in the UK. The experience has highlighted the importance of highly trusted international relationships, good intention, and the need for fiscal flexibility in order to be effective in a crisis.


We have now established an Impact Fund, whose mission is to provide that capital flexibility, whilst being mandated alongside UK critical need requirements. The Impact Fund is being established as a Charitable Trust, where the focus of critical response includes: 


- Healthcare

- Humanitarian 

- Climate Change

- Natural Resources


The Fund aims to deliver this by having an independent Advisory Board comprised of: 

- Clinical Health Lead

- Public Health Advisor

- Global Supply Chain Advisor

- Commercial Law Advisor

- Risk Management Advisor

- HMG Advisor and Independent Oversight Function

Each mission is mandated via "Mission-Based-Mandates" or "MBMs", where the first "MBM" is the Covid-19 Bereavement Fund.



Impact Fund Constitution