Our business is split into three areas: Design (Architecture), Development (Real Estate & Infrastructure) and Investment (Alternatives). This triad gives us control and impact, understanding the markets we operate from the ground up, taking long-term strategic positions, and being able to leverage global institutional capital as part of our investment structures. This enables to be truly 'vision-led' and to operate under our strong principles and ethical frameworks. 



A balanced yet ambitious approach, recognising power of design in cultivating new sense of identity and brand as part of place-making. 


An opportunistic and pragmatic approach to transformational development, leveraging best-in-industry teams globally to lead operational management. 

Investment is carried out through our Investment Management arm Meridian Universal LLC. A balanced perspective, building tradition of  generating long-term value through an equal emphasis on both risk and return. 

Cooperation Model

P1F’s strategy involves leveraging local partnerships to unlock potential and growth. We do this through Joint Ventures, co-investment arrangements, and strategic partnerships in sharing project pipeline and intelligence. Given this flexibility, we are able to grow our portfolio in a controlled and sponsor-specific way, better capitalising existing networks, thereby bringing the benefits to customers and stakeholders in each community served.

  • Joint Venture – in cases of significant shareholder benefits, we joint venture bringing our capital expertise, sector-specific expertise, and local knowledge in more specific circumstances. Our focus is currently expanding existing sponsor portfolios.

  • Co-Investment – a blend between Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships, co-investment arrangements create a capital pool for sponsors that increases the ticket size and leverages expertise from each party – this is particularly useful when splitting the capital structure across the different stages of risk e.g. pre vs. post planning and construction (first-loss)

  • Strategic Partnership – focused on sharing intelligence, project pipeline, and aligning each company for future growth – we have employed strategic partnerships that lead to joint ventures, or in cases where new businesses or markets are being explored where each company brings individual expertise, but no specific project has been identified