The Power of Belief

December 27, 2018

Belief in a better future changes reality. The world we are experiencing today, from this laptop or phone you are reading from or the clothes on your back started off as an idea, and because our ideas are born from reality, because we are nature, they found a place in reality (a market), and thus set a new benchmark, from which point new ideas and new realities are formed. This is the power of ideas, and our logic in approaching development. We build what is not yet seen, and create new opportunities that allow us to see ourselves differently as a result. These subtle changes in identity in a town, city or country impacts culture and our self-belief in what is possible.


We believe in a better future in Sri Lanka, and other frontier and developing states and regions. It doesn’t have to be a post-conflict or developing market to have the need for envisioning a better future – plenty of micro-economies within developed countries that have fallen due to changes in industry, infrastructural changes or migration impacts due to climate change all would also benefit from such intervention, where the most common term in developed markets being ‘regeneration’. But again, ideas, or this ‘belief’, can set a new vision which a collective society can work towards, lead by a development ‘vehicle’ which acts as the spearhead and symbol for the resurgence and road towards that better future. Our work in Sri Lanka is an example of this, where development is the vehicle for change, where each projects aims to act as a symbol for what is possible, and becomes the hub of innovation that is required to take the society and economy from one threshold to the next.


It is important to understand the psychological foundations to this approach to regeneration and transformational development. People need leadership, reference points, and guidance along the path. People are also goal and mission driven, where consistency of message is critical in establishing the new ‘status quo’ or base understanding from which decisions are made. A development, being the embodiment of a new vision, is exactly that, from the renders, concept, architectural rhetoric, team build up, and the whole escalation of efforts to making it real, all form the rich tapestry around reinforcing the ideal that born the idea in the first place and is the reason for continuing and realising the idea into reality. It’s a magical process, which starts with belief.


Our position in Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom give us a unique perspective in both sides of the same coin – how development and the desire for improvement is a human condition, and will continue for eternity. The only differences are the material differences of what that desired next step actually is, but the same requirements remain, of leadership, vision, and consistency of message, and of course, of the right ideals. We are fortunate to have founded the right ideals, and fiercely apply them where we are working, with our purpose being to “make the impossible possible”, and doing this by: creating jobs, generating revenue, stimulating economic recovery, and inspiring change. This simple approach has universal application, as there are infinite human and societal needs that exist globally where this fresh thinking can change the game. This is our motivation and passion, because everyone deserves the opportunity to make their dreams come true, where sometimes all they need is the inspiration to know anything is possible. Our challenge of course is how we communicate these ideologies to the communities we serve, and this starts with ensuring we are actually delivering what people need and want. The best way of communicating these ideologies and principles is by actually delivering them in reality i.e. building it/ sculpting it/ painting it/ celebrating it through events and fundraisers. The ideology becomes the root of a new frame and culture of thinking, and so requires input at each level socially, where the richness of the broader community change can then be triumphantly experienced and generate its greatest benefit. This is similar to how we currently operate ‘P1F Studio’ to integrate these values in the Art and Culture community locally, generating art works through competitions, exhibitions, and talks where we test these ideas and generate works that represent them. It is exciting for us to be working this way already, as we gain great insight into what people actually ‘want’, whilst seeing how people respond to these ideas and how it eventually influences their approaches as a result.


Belief changes the future, as it has done our present in the past. We have set the belief in a much better future, are working tirelessly to fill the gap between now and then as we make it a reality. That’s it.

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