P1F launches new global investment firm with MJA 'Meridian Universal', providing the first private UK-led Investment Vehicle for Belt & Road related projects and businesses across Asia and Europe

March 13, 2019

 P1F, together with MJA have joined forces to address the widening gap between the intentions and delivery of Belt & Road related investments and development across Asia and Europe. It has been witnessed that the majority of projects and growing sentiment has weakened due to poor fiscal discipline, governance, and inadequate feasibility prior to project commencement leading to failed projects, incomplete infrastructure and growing debt burdens in these markets.


Meridian-Universal has been created to bring greater discipline, highest international governance standards, and lead growth through a regulated private investment vehicle that focuses on infrastructure. This vehicle is based in London and Hong Kong with offices in Sri Lanka and Malta, with jurisdictions including the UK, Qatar, Singapore, China, India, Vietnam, Germany, and additional Belt & Road related countries. 


Subscriptions are now open, with first round closing by September 2019. Please contact info@meridian-universal.com for additional information. 


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