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P1F advising UDA on restructuring procurement method for Chalmer's Granaries bid for new RFP

The UDA (Urban Development Authority) have sought the advice from P1F, the only firm who had prepared a bid for the Chalmer's Granaries RFP. Due to complex market conditions however, the RFP conditions could not be met by most bidders, including ourselves, which is why we made a list of recommendations that the UDA could employ for a successful procurement method. This now forms part of a more comprehensive briefing document on how a new procurement strategy could successfully tender the land as part of a PPP, which would radically change the dynamic of this tender and open competition to worldwide players, which P1F are playing a pivotal role in structuring.

A new RFP will be issued in the coming weeks, for which P1F and our project partners are getting prepared, and we are very excited to exhibit our vision for a building that will inspire the nation. This is a very exciting prospect, for which we are taking incredibly seriously and look forward to working closely with the UDA to making this a reality.

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