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Feminism and Sri Lankan Female Identity - Winners Announced!

Our expert judging panel have made their decision, and we are very proud to announce the winners of P1F Studio first Art Competition on the subject of Feminism and Sri Lankan Female Identity Art Competition.

The judges have selected the following winners:

Grand Prize Winner: Sujeewa Kumari - "Balancing Act ii"

Second Prize Winner: Minal Wickrematunge - "Hold my hand"

Third Prize Winner: Saakya Rajawasan - "Alcohol Band"

Commenting on each piece, the following critiques and explanations were described:

Balancing Act II/ Sujeewa Kumari

A popular Lankan idiom tells us that a woman can't attain Buddha-hood. The artist challenges this notion in a layered, conceptual manner, using several techniques to bring her message to life. She breaks away from the Lankan female stereotype and presents an alternate reality vis-à-vis an imaged and positive future. The work powerfully explores duality - the balancing act between the reality of social conformity and the desire to be seen beyond that.

Hold My Hand/ Minal Wickrematunga

The artist used a contemporary combined media technique, mixing water-colour with Rorschach and photography to examine and explore her own inner turmoil as a woman in an oppressed space, unable to pin down her own sensuality and sexuality. Are they one in the same of separate concepts? She leads the viewer on the same journey, forcing us to grapple with the same question, simply and demandingly at the same time by being inextricably subtle.


Alcohol Band/ Saakya Rajawasan

Challenging several, multi-faceted and archaic patriarchal concepts and binding them with current affairs, this piece makes a strong statement, but we feel could have been considered more subtly in its execution. The multi-faceted, yet correlated message reminds us that organized religion, the executive presidency, the judiciary and socially misleading propaganda combine under the patriarchal umbrella to diminish a woman's basic rights - even to get herself an alcoholic drink.

Judges acted completely independently in selecting our winners, and selected artists with vision, who believe in Sri Lanka's future, and are willing to take risks to critically dissect the theme of the exhibition. It was expected to see some seeds of thinking where a broader thesis was being developed, for which we can further encourage through commissioning an independent solo exhibition. It was not expected to select pieces purely for the sale, but artists critically trying to understand the subject and are exploring the topic through their work genuinely.

The full body of exhibited works were commended for the high degree of quality, technique, and exploration of the competition theme. Notable mentions were made for:

Dillai Joseph/ In her space

Meaningful work and you can understand the drawing at a glance. The texture and the effect plus the proportion of the drawing and it was within the judging criteria.

Sanjeewa Kumara/ Becoming: Staring into the future"

Workmanship and the innovative ideas the painter used is unique. The artist is very well creative and has spent quite a lot of time and it's a quality piece of work.

Dinesh Kodithuwakku/ Jaffna Woman

Well within judging criteria. Proportions are very well taken, shadings are nice, and he is a good reproducer, more like a copying artist.

We are very happy with all our artists, and hope this is a seed for future works. The point of this exhibition was to be a beginning, to encourage this kind of debate, and for progress in Sri Lanka's art scene outside of traditional monopolies. Our next event will be announced via this page and the P1F Studio webpage. Thank you again, and look forward to working together in the future.

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