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Successful Opening Exhibition at P1F Studio

We are very proud of the artists who participated as part of our opening exhibition at P1F Studio. The quality and range of work is fantastic, where four items have already been sold, and we are expecting more buyers in the coming weeks. We would also like to thank our expert judging panel of Anomaa Rajakaruna, Dhanushka Amarasekara, and Natalie Soysa, each of whom thoroughly engaged in the subject matter, and brought an abundance of enthusiasm and critical debate in selecting our winners, whom will be announced later today.

This was meant to be a test case for this model, and based on feedback there is enough evidence to support continuing this idea, and to start planning our next events.

For those wishing to revisit some of the works, you can view each piece here in our online booklet, or pay a visit to the exhibition over the next two weeks.

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