Supporting Covid-19 Rapid Response

P1F has provided direct procurement for Department of Health & Social Care ("DHSC") for critical PPE with a total contract value of over £20million and over 50 million pcs of PPE until June '20, including Type IIR Surgical Face Mask, and Isolation Gowns (non-sterile). P1F has also been Custodian to The Masks for NHS Heroes Charitable Trust campaign.

P1F has been conducting all services completely pro-bono during this crisis, with no costs accounted for, where unit costs from the Factory are exactly what are being purchased by Her Majesty's Government. We have done this from our team in China and the UK, where services have included managing the sourcing, due diligence, governance, accounting, legal oversight, negotiations, travel (to and from factories), contracts, administration, and overall governance, where the goal from the beginning has been to help our friends and family effected, and to be effective during a crisis.

Project Partners
The mission to bring critical PPE to the NHS Frontline asap has been critically supported and collaborated by Crowdfunder (online Crowdfunding), Fieldfisher (Legal Counsel), ZenCargo (Freight-Forwarder), DHL (UK Logistics partner), AFEX (Global Foreign Exchange Partner), Withers Worldwide (Masks for NHS Heroes Charity Legal Counsel), Near Future Labs (Masks for NHS Heroes Media and Graphics partner), Oliver Caplin (Masks for NHS Heroes Legal Counsel), and Seven Hills (Masks for NHS Heroes Media and Public Relations).
Important mention to outstanding members from the Partner team are Sam Greenhalgh (Zencargo), Barrie Davies (DHL Supply Chain), Ian Goodall (DHL Supply Chain), Arnab Biswas (Near Future Labs), David Wilkinson (Fieldfisher), Feng Sheng (Fieldfisher), Debbie Goward (DHL Global Express), and many incredibly important members of the team who made this mission possible.