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P1F Limited is governed by strict principles in conducting business globally. This is based on our cornerstone commitment to developing relationships through trust and integrity. These principles form the backbone of how we conduct business, and how we expect our partners and stakeholders to also act. 

  1. To act honestly and fairly at all times

  2. To act with integrity in fulfilling the responsibilities of our appointments

  3. To observe applicable law, regulations and professional conduct standards when carrying out our services

  4. To observe the standards of market integrity, good practice, conduct and confidentiality required

  5. To be alert to and manage fairly and effectively and to our best ability to avoid relevant conflicts of interest

  6. To attain and actively manage a level of professional competence appropriate to our responsibilities

  7. To decline to act in matters in which we are not competent unless we have access to such advice and assistance to enable to carry out our work in a professional manner

  8. To strive to uphold the highest personal and professional standards at all times

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