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P1F submit official Letter of Intent to Ministry of Health for 'Biyagama Wellness Village'

P1F have formally submitted their Letter of Intent to develop a new Healthcare centre in Biyagama, Western Province Sri Lanka. This new centre will be one of the most advanced healthcare centres in the country, leveraging latest technologies and approaches to future healthcare provision as part of Sri Lanka's regional healthcare development policy.

Naveen, who presented the document to Mr. Chandraguptha, Additional Secretary for Development at the Ministry of Health (MOH), explained "We are very fortunate to submit our Letter of Intent to the Ministry of Health for the development of this significant project, where we have been encouraged by the positive dialogue with the Ministry and right climate to initiate a project which will make an immeasurable impact to the local community, regional healthcare requirements, and as a precedent for nationwide healthcare centre development".

This is the second hospital project P1F are embarking on in Sri Lanka, where they are seeking a long term position as Sri Lanka urbanises and faces great challenges in meeting upcoming challenges with rise in Non-Communicable-Diseases, Diabetes, Obesity, and healthcare for the growing elderly population. Such centres also face a great responsibility in providing healthcare wellness knowledge and education to a new population of healthcare providers and physicians, who currently are in high demand where the country faces a shortage to meet its requirements.

The new centre, coined the 'Biyagama Wellness Village', aims to create a mixed-use approach to healthcare provision, where the site will include a mix of retail, recreational space, educational facilities, wellness hotel, and hospital with specialist geriatric facilities, with a focus on "live/ work/ play" concept. This is an emerging trend in Western hospital development, as 'prevention' takes a primary role than 'treatment' where healthy living, education, and a focus on wellness, centered around community, all contribute to a healthier and happier life. P1F are working alongside leading consultants and clinical planners to create the best working model for this project, with an aim to set a precedent that can be replicated and improved as healthcare centres develop alongside Sri Lanka's urbanisation strategy.

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