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What's in the Box Interview | Sam Greenhalgh (ZenCargo)

Setting up and managing a supply chain is challenging in normal times. But establishing a supply chain in a matter of weeks amidst a global pandemic is a herculean task.

We were lucky enough to be interviewed by Sam Greenhalgh in this episode, talking about the challenges of international trade and the learnings from the amazing journey of setting up supply chain in a matter of weeks to assist with the Covid-19 Rapid Response crisis.

👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 How having high integrity people working towards a common goal is a recipe for success in life & business.

🤝 The importance of "Guānxì" and its role in international trade.

🥊 That people and businesses can achieve more than they think in lockdown and now is not a time to be idle.

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