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We have observed that Colombo is lacking a central business convention and arts centre, that can be a heart of culture and commerce and an international destination for visiting conventions and events for performances and trade. The current infrastructure is lacking, and new products entering the market lack sufficient parking, public access, and space to accommodate such significant events of national scale. In addition to this, the city is urbanising rapidly, and with an evolving service economy, there lacks sufficient commercial real estate product for new businesses to occupy. This is predominantly Grade-B, however Grade-A will also see rising demand as the economy evolves.

The site location acts as a nexus between the international transit community using the expressway to the city, this being the first port of call, and the national working and commuting population, where Colombo Fort Railway station and Pettah bus stand act as flux points for people commuting to and from work. With Port City emerging, and the leisure and entertainment districts emerging in the coming years, Chalmer’s Granaries is centrally located to serve this transit community, for short term stays, to move people nationally and internationally, and to accommodate major shows. With this, there is also demand for supporting social infrastructure such as a substantial business hotel, semi-luxury and luxury residential product, and diverse retail space to serve the huge flow of people.

The resulting product is a truly mixed-development that is a “city within a city”, acting as a unique destination for both International visitors and native Sri Lankans, where the spheres of political, economic, cultural, and religion combine. 

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