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Falling Gardens

The site is set within a residential part of Colombo 06, adjacent to the Kirulapone Canal, Galle Road, and 10 minutes from Colombo City Centre without traffic. Our position is that there is an opportunity to create a special residential and commercial building within this residential district with a focus on pleasurable living in a Sri Lankan context. People come to Sri Lanka to relax, get perspective, and connect with the country’s natural beauty. The Sri Lankan people embody this, and there is a need for the new urbanism to reflect and offer this.


The design concept is focused on finding the balance between leisure and living. There is no precedent for an Architecture that fuses healthy and pleasurable living with the pricing demands of new development in Colombo, where we are seeing vertical skyscrapers that are becoming more and more dense. Our approach is to introduce the opposite, where we create communal spaces vertically where a sense of community can be created whilst offering a refined Architecture using concrete, timber and soft landscaping that is calming to the eye. The design should be comforting for its neighbours as well as inhabitants, hence our low-medium density approach. Our contention is that people want the balance between hard work and leisure, and this is our aim with this building.

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